CIA (Central Intelligence Agency): DI, DS&T
NIC (National Intelligence Council)
JUSTICE (Justice Department); (Office of Intelligence Policy and Review)
FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation)
TREASURY (Treasury Department Office of Intelligence Support)
DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency)
NRO (National Reconnaissance Office)
NIMA (National Imagery and Mapping Agency)
AFI (Air Force Intelligence)
AI (Army Intelligence)
NI (Naval Intelligence)
MCI (Marine Corps Intelligence)
STATE (Department of State Bureau of Intelligence and Research)
ENERGY (Department of Energy)
AJSI (Australian Justice Studies: Intelligence Gopher)
ADIO (Australian Defence Intelligence Organisation)
ADSD (Australian Defence Signals Directorate)
IGIS (Australian Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security)
ASIS (Australian Secret Intelligence Service)
ASIO (Australian Security Intelligence Organisation)
ONA (Australian Office of National Assessments)
PJCASIO (Parliamentary Joint Committee on the Australian Security Intelligence) 
AMIC (Australian Maritime Intelligence Center)
BFCO (British Foreign and Commonwealth Office)
MI-5 (British Security Service)
CCSE (Canadian Communications Security Establishment)
CFIBA (Canadian Forces Intelligence Branch Association)
CSIC (Canadian Security and Intelligence Community) (pdf format)
CSIS (Canadian Security Intelligence Service)
CSIS Public Reports (several annual reports available)
SIRC (Canadian Security Intelligence Review Committee)
CFC (War, Peace and Security -- Canadian Forces College)
BVD (Dutch National Security Service Annual Report, 1998 - pdf format) or (local)
IS (Intelligence Stratégique - unofficial site in French)
BfV (German Bundesamt fuer Verfassungsschutz / Counterintel)
BND (German Bundesnachrichtendienst)
MAD (German Militärischer Abschirmdienst)
NSO (Hungarian National Security Office)
SISDe (Italian Intelligence and Democratic Security Service)
GID (Jordanian General Intelligence Department)
GCSB (New Zealand Government Communications Security Bureau)
NZ-SONS (New Zealand: "Securing Our Nation's Safety" 2000)
ABW (Polish Internal Security Agency)
SIS (Portuguese Security and Information Service)
AGENTURA (Russian Language Site on Intelligence; some pages in English)
FSB (Russian Intelligence)
SVR (Russian Foreign Intelligence)
ANSP (South Korean Intelligence -- unofficial)
CESID (Spanish Intelligence); also in English version
SISD (Swedish Intelligence and Security Directorate)
MIT (Turkish National Intelligence Organization)
NIM (United Kingdom National Intelligence Machinery)
GCHQ (United Kingdom Government Communications Headquarters)
CESG (United Kingdom Communications-Electronics Security Group)